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33KV Power Cable Installation

Client: Nelson Electricity and Network Tasman
Location: Various Substations in Nelson City
This project involved installation of 33KV cables in recently installed 50 and 100mm duct lines through some of Nelsons main through fares.

Holes were opened on the ducts every 1000m and used as hauling and jointing pits, the ducts had 3m long sections removed and light haul rope was installed using a compressor and parachute. This then hauled a steel wire winch rope which would later be used to pull the larger cables. A purpose built trailer winch was used with a dynometer installed so we could monitor the haul tension at all times. A careful haul plan and good quality cable lube ensured the tension on the cable was well below the manufactures limit.

A total of 48700m of cable was installed during the duration of the job. Currnently, April 2014, Network contractors are joining cables to the substations ready for comission later in the year.