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Arvida Lifestyle Village

Client: Arvida Group
Location: Lower Queen Street, Richmond

Over three stages, this project began early 2018 and was completed in late 2020. It consisted of five contracts, awarded separately. Two for Earthworks and three for Civil works. With the first Earthworks and Civil works contracts being priced and the rest negotiated directly with the client.

Over 22,565m3 of topsoil was stripped onsite before 30,650m3 of imported fill was brought in to bring the building platforms up to the required levels. By using one contractor, innovative solutions were implemented merging Earthworks with Civil works using the large trench cut volumes as for Earthworks fill areas as the project progressed.

Civils teams were then brought in to install services for the villas. Stormwater outfalls constructed with some 1,653m of Stormwater pipes installed through the project. 23 Sewer pumping stations were installed to a depth of up to 4m, feeding over 1,585m of Sewer lines through the village. To keep the people and plants fed, over 4,837m of Water and Irrigation pipes were installed. Power and Communications were laid by in house staff.

Roading through the village was completed with a lot of communication and co-ordination with other trades onsite, completing the building portion of the village.

The project was completed on time and budget for the client.