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Cable Bay Road Remediation

Client: Nelson City Council
Location: Cable Bay Road
This area was one of the worst hit during the Nelson region flood events, the small cable bay community was cut off with many slips making the road impassable. Tonkin Taylor desgined this project to repair the road back to its original state, and to future proof against any future events. With a project value of 3.1 million and a timeframe of 18 months this was a large project for Donaldson Civil to undertake.

There were 28 seperate sites to complete along the 3km road, these were all priced and completed individually. 22 of the sites were retaining walls and 6 were full culvert upgrades. 12 of the walls built were timber pole walls with ground anchor support, this totaled 438 poles, 737m2 of timber lagging, 203 ground anchors that resulted in 1785m of anchor drilling. Other walls were Gabion Baskets and concrete walls. The road was able to remain open at all times, with much of the road being re-surfaced this proved difficult at times.

This project was successful in many ways. With only 15 months of the 18 month time frame needed for completion and a passionate team residents were very happy and a large community BBQ was arranged with public, Donaldson Civil staff and council workers attending. The job was also entered in the New Zealand Civil Contractors Nelson Marlborough awards where it recieved the highest accolade on the night – the supreme award.