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Exeter Street Subdivision

Client: Exeter Street Ltd
Location: Exeter Street, Stoke

Working for a private developer, this project consisted of building up some low lying paddocks with imported fill and creating a 57 lot subdivision. At the end of a residential street and off a main road with several schools, appeasing the stakeholders was a large part of this project.

The earthworks package was completed in stages alongside the civil works and was made up from:

  • 10,500m3 of cut to waste
  • 19,000m3 of cut to fill
  • 52,000m3 imported fill
  • 5,200m3 of stripping topsoil to stockpile and re-spreading over the sections.
  • There was a rock and landscaped detention pond installed to manage run off before entering the council network

The civil works was a large undertaking with all aspects performed by our skilled in house staff:

  • Stormwater 1,200m of installed lines from 100mm to 825mm. 21 Manholes from 1,050mm to 1,500mm. Sump connections and house connections.
  • Sewer 1,200m of 150mm main up to 4m deep. 13 manholes including Several PE manholes with anti floatation insitu concrete at the base. Laterals to each of the 57 Lots.
  • Watermain 1200m of main plus laterals, all testing and chlorination done in house.
  • Pump Station Design and build 2.4m Fibreglass pump station including inlet manhole and grit chambers. Install inside sheet pile to a depth of 5m.
  • Roading Over 1km of kerb and footpath with 3,600m2 of roadway.

Donaldson Civil successfully completed the project to a high standard, which the client was impressed with.