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Fifeshire Crescent Retaining Wall

Client: Nelson City Council
Location: Fifeshire Crescent, Nelson

This project came about after the rainfall events of December 2011 caused a steep bank to slump into the back of a house. After a few years of communication between local government and land owners a solution was agreed upon and the job tendered by council. Donaldson Civil won this project and in April 2015 the construction was underway.

The site was very tight, with only one lane available for through traffic for the dead end street, residents meetings were held in the early stages and much consultation was had around traffic and pedestrian management. It was agreed the street would have to be closed to allow for construction, constant communcation from the team onsite meant this was never a problem.

A temporary The initial excavation from the road was completed and a small excavator craned onto a bench to begin digging out for the lower level concrete panels. With the slumped earth resting against the house it was a very delicate procedure to remove the spoil. Once the desired levels were achieved large concrete tilt slab panels were lifted into place, insitu footings were poured and the wall back filled. This was completed in sections with another concrete wall built on top to enable to road to be supported to the correct levels.

This was a very challenging job but the team onsite were very courteous, patient and efficient which resulted in the project being very successful on all fronts.