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Fountain Place Retaining Walls

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Private Clients, Nelson City Council


Fountain Place and Beechville Terrace

Project Details

This project involved constructing two retaining walls on two adjoining properties with the only access via one of the properties. A separate contract to install storm water between the two roads via the same properties was also completed.

  The work was a result of land that had subsided during and after the December 2011 floods. The site was extremely steep with narrow access and minimal off street parking. 2 Timber pole retaining walls with tiebacks and whalers were constructed to remedy the slip zone and stabilize the bank. We worked very closely with subcontractor Nelson Contracting Ltd who were drilling the tiebacks and installing the whalers. Careful planning onsite with the engineers and homeowners was completed and a 5T excavator was mobilised to site to remove vegetation and old retaining structures, benches were cut, fill stockpiled and the first wall constructed. It was a slow process due to weather conditions at the time.

  The Two walls were completed and we were then awarded a contract by the Nelson City Council to install Stormwater pipes and Manholes through the properties linking Two roads above and below the properties