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Gracefield Sewer

Client: Nelson City Council
Location: Annesbrook Drive, Annesbrook
This was a shovel ready project given to Donaldson Civil by Nelson City Council as part of their direct procurement method, in which projects under $2.5mil were given to local companies to boost the economy after the effects of Covid-19.

This project come in at $1.4mil and ran from November 2020 to April 2021. The purpose was to re-direct Sewer flows from a catchment that was over capacity during rain events and was earmarked for future development.

A total of 701m of Sewer pipe was re-laid including PVC and PE sections. The majority was open trenched with small section being pipe rammed using a steel sleeve and sliding the Sewer pipe inside.

All trenching tasks were undertaken by Donaldson Civil, this took place using 23T and 8T excavators and also trench shields. Depths reached more than 3.0m, with good stable ground along the project and an experienced team in this line of work, the project was completed on time and budget with minimal variations.

Other tasks undertaken by Donaldson Civil on this project included in house PE welding of 355mm lengths, installation and haunching of 13x concrete manholes, pipe bursting laterals and removing asbestos pipe. Our main subcontractors were Always Boring for the pipe ramm and Fulton Hogan for Surfacing.