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Haven Road Stormwater

Client: Nelson City Council
Location: Haven Road
This project was completed for NCC to divert Stormwater from a future development area. While not a straight forward project in its own right, this project needed to be staged in a way so that traffic flows could be maintained on the State highway for as long as possible and a diversion only set up once.

Being in a relatively old area of town there was heritage significance with old railway, sea walls and a jetty which needed to be excavated around. Couple this with services that did not match the as-builts, it made for a slower than expected start.

The team started at approx. the middle of the project by working on a central median Island on the state highway and installing the 1200mm Stormwater pipe and associated 2.3m dia manholes. Install on this straight run was achieved via trenching with a 23t zero swing excavator and using Single Slide Rail trench shoring to keep the team safe in the hole. While excavating this section, the old Watermain was removed and replaced with 115m of new 150mm PVC main.

After the New Year break, the team set up a large traffic diversion and physical works shifted to the low point of the project. This started with a large concrete Wingwall outlet into Saltwater creek, and proceeded to install the 1200mm Concrete pipe across Queen Elizabeth Drive (State Highway 6) at a depth of 3.5m, then Haven Road (Also State Highway 6) to join the start point.

By having to stage the project this way, it opened the team up to a lot of risk with heights not matching, additional checks were implemented, and things stayed on Level and Alignment.

Another Highway crossing was completed, crossing under large Fibre Optic Cables and Power Cables before joining up to the existing network on Vickerman Street.