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Takaka Waste Water Treatment Plant

Client: TDC
Location: Takaka
The Takaka waste water treatment plant project was very interesting for Donaldson Civil as it involved a wide range of construction aspects.

Earthworks construction of 8 sewerage holding cells, these were lined with Bidim cloth and 1500m3 of River cobbles were trucked in to cover the base. Over 500m of 355mm PE pipe was installed through the site to link up inlet structures and cells, the construction method was trenching using safe practices of benching or shoring the trench walls. A large wet well was installed to a depth of 3.5m below the pond levels, this required extensive de-watering which the team tackled with ease. As a variation to the original contract, the construction of an inlet structure was awarded to Donaldson Civil, this involved concrete works and installation of large stainless steel mechanical screens. All work was completed while the existing plant was still operational.