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The Meadows Subdivision

Client: Richmond West Development Company
Location: McShane Road, Richmond

Part of the fast-growing Richmond West suburb The Meadows Subdivision is a large residential area near Richmond. Spanning the course of 5 years, Donaldson Civil have been awarded approximately half of the Earthworks and Civil works in this development. On writing this in May 2021 The project is nearing 50% complete.

What started originally as agricultural Land each stage was started with our Earthworks teams coming through to strip topsoil, then contour or import structural fill to bring the lots up the new levels, before the topsoil is placed back on the lots. To date over 35,000m3 of fill has been imported, equating to 3500 truck and trailer movements.

Services start with Stormwater main installs before progressing around the road boundary with all other services. Donaldson Civils GPS equipped PC128 IMC machine enables the site teams to trench this with minimal labour input, GPS rovers are used by the team to lay services in the common trench speeding up the install process and keeping this as efficient as possible.

Working closely with subcontractors kerbing and footpaths are completed before our team hones their roading skills to tie it all together. Approximately 8000m2 of Asphalt has been laid under our direction.

To date the stages Donaldson Civil has completed have been on time and budget for the client.