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The Cube on Queen

Client: The Cube on Queen Limited
Location: Lower Queen Street

When our team first arrived at this site it was a bare 2.4ha paddock.

During the summer of 2021/2022 the site was stripped of topsoil and filled by an average of 800mm across the site using imported quarry rock. During this operation approximately 13000T of hardfill was imported, laid out, and compacted.

A Robust environmental plan was formulated in house and followed, which meant this was all completed with no adverse effects to the neighboring stream.

Following on from the Earthworks package was Stage 1 of the civil works which encompassed a cul-de-sac Roadway providing access to the 4 lot industrial subdivision, and the future stages of the development.

A 675mm dia main Stormwater outlet crossed Lower Queen Street, along with connections to the council network for Pressure Sewer, Watermain, Power and Telecom. Between all of these services there was over 100m of pipework and ducting laid in this stage.

Our Directional Drill was used for the power connection which meant minimal disruption to nearby businesses on Lower Queen Street.

A large presence of traffic management was required during the tie into Lower Queen Street with the new road, this enabled the cyclists and pedestrians to pass safely while our construction team installed new Kerb and Channel, Footpath and the Asphalt carriageway.

On completion of Stage 1 the Team moved into Stage 2/3 which comprised of the actual Cube on Queen civil works, a very dense development with dual Stormwater lines, a privately owned pump station and all other regular services.

With a plethora of services in a tight space and 49 connections for the units in this Stage, thorough planning by the team meant these services were installed with minimal clashes in a very efficient manner.

Upon completion there will have been over 2500m of pipework and ducting laid. Roadways comprised of Asphalt and colored Exposed Aggregate.

The entire project was managed by Donaldson Civil and was delivered on time and budget for the client.