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Wastney Terrace 450mm HD Drilling

Client: Nelson City Council Stormwater
Location: Wastney Terrace

Donaldson Civil was a subcontractor on this Nelson City Council Stormwater project.

With the bulk of the contract being open trenched by others, our drilling team was called upon due to the alignment of the new pipeline needing to be under stretch of Mature Native trees.

The installation of the 450mm PE line involved an on grade 30m shot. Using our Vermeer 40×55 The team spent time drilling out and pre-reaming to a bore diameter of 520mm diameter.

The ground conditions were a hard clay material that made the drilling reasonably tough but once open it stayed uniform which helped pull the PE line through.

A PE pulling head was Butt welded onto the PE pipe and the pipe was lifted into position through a neighboring resident back yard before being pulled through the pre cut bore hole.
This project was successful for the client and would have proved very disruptive to the environment and landscape if the area needed to be open trenched.