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York Stream Upgrade

Tipahi Street, Kawai Street
Client: Nelson City Council
Location: Tipahi Street, Kawai Street
A large catchment in the hills near Nelson City needed to reduce the risk of flooding to residents surrounding the foot hills. Council decided to install 1950mm Stormwater pipes and form new inlet and oulets to resolve this issue.

The site was located through a council easement in a residents back yard, sheds in the rear of the property had to be removed and reinstated as well as strict monitoring of house levels as the excavations of the 3m deep trench were close to 4m of the house and garage. No slumping was recorded by engineers throughout the installation and remediation process.

As mentioned above large 1950mm VT concrete pipes were installed, the largest the company has installed and some of the largest ever in the Nelson region. These pipes weighed 6.5Tonne per pipe a crane had to be brought to site for each lift, precise prep of the engaging surfaces ment the pipes all went together to within 5mm of planned grade and alignment. 150mm silenced pumps were running for nearly the duration of the job moving water from up stream to the new outlet to enable the crew to lay in safe conditions. Some minor water and sewer works with a slight road reconstruction finished the job in November 2013.